The Strangeness of Life

It’s amazing the places I can go within my mind, my imagination. I can go to places that others can’t go, simply because they don’t know that they can go there. That they are free to explore life without any limitations. That the universe within them is far more vast than the physical universe around them. Yet, they stay within the physical universe and, even more limiting, they stay within the perspective reality that they have been given, unable, unwilling or possibly simply to afraid to venture beyond the limitations and boundaries that have been laid before them.

I used to like to go exploring quotes of others. Often finding something from a writer or famous person of which I could relate and enjoy what they are saying. Or, because they are famous, find something that I find to be wise because famous people are also wise people.

It isn’t that way anymore as I explored some quotes today. I find that they might cause me to think about them in my own way but as they are said by the person, I see them as nothing but words offered by any person.

Such as:

“This is the strangest life I’ve ever known.” A common thought by many people but attributed to Jim Morrison.

As I read this quote, my mind wandered off thinking, “Life is only strange if one’s perspective is different than the perspective of life being offered by others around us. Other than that, life is just life. There was a time when I used to think that life was strange. I don’t think it is strange anymore. I have lived within the current, prevailing perspective reality that is in the world around me. In many ways, I understand it better than those who are living it. At the same time, I live within a completely different reality. A reality that is seen as strange to those whose life is lived based upon the current, prevailing perspective reality that is around me. I am strange to them but they aren’t strange to me.”

Then I read a quote attributed to Winston Churchill: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

I think, “I have no personal enemies. In fact, I have no known enemies at all. Yet, who I am, the way I perceive life and the reality I live within is an enemy of the current, prevailing current perspective. In the past, I would have been seen as a threat to their way of life. They might have sought me out and even killed me. Now, I am just one of many escapees from their reality. A reality that is failing and falling, taking much of humanity along with it.

They themselves, the caretakers of the current, prevailing reality, know that their reality is no longer a viable reality to control and contain the population of humanity. Therefore, they are merely getting all that can from humanity then they will simply light their torches and set fire to the orchard of which they have contaminated and infected with their reality, corrupting the fruit and, in some way, feeling that if they destroy it, they will also destroy any evidence of what they have done as well as their own personal guilt in doing that they have done. Yet, they can’t hide from what they have done for the only one from whom they hide has been not only observing from the outside but also observing them from within themselves.

Once known as “gods” to humanity, often depicted with natures similar to humans because they are nothing more than physical beings. Doing, feeling, acting and reacting just as humans do. Seemingly nothing more than human, psychological archetypes depicting the very nature of humanity through their own lives. Now they, like humans, have to face the reality of what they have done, seeking, just like humans, to escape this reality unscathed with no blood on their hands or guilt in their minds. Ruling humanity for 1000s of years through the manipulation of the human perspective reality. Now, as it all comes to an end, and we watch as they set fire to a world of which they sought nothing but to exploit and use for their own gain, including humanity as a whole, they will have to face the reality of their own actions, as perceived through the reality of the heart.”

Yes, this life could very well be strange and yes, I could have many enemies because I am standing for what I believe in. More than standing for what I believe in, I am living life through the reality of who I truly am, while still existing within their current, prevailing reality, in complete defiance of the history of humanity based on their reality. Unafraid of death, their only true tool of manipulation against humanity, they have no power over me. I am free even though I’m still within the confines of the prison walls of their artificial reality.

I, realizing that when you have something to die for, only then do you have something to live for. If what you “believe in” isn’t worth dying for, then it isn’t worth living for either. It is strange to have no personal or known enemies yet who I am is an enemy of the current, prevailing reality and those who are still living for and accepting the prison reality given to them as the only reality for which to live and die for.

Thus, reading quotes is a much different experience for me now. In fact, the only strange thing left for me in this life is my own heart. She is strange in a good way. Strange only because she, who is me, also seems to move me about in ways of which I seem to be merely a child being taught about life, the true and real life.

A recent example would be what has happened to me in the last couple of day, not to say what has happened to me throughout this journey as a whole. Where I woke up one night, wide awake, my mind filled with images and a narrative to go along with it. In it I saw things that amazed me beyond belief. It seemed to be asking me to express things very personal and vulnerable within me. I cried out to my heart, “No. I won’t write this.” She simply smiled and basically said, “Yes you will.”

And thus, because my heart knows that I will do as she asks, I began doing so and, because of it, through the magical power of writing which makes everything real within me, I passed through into a new and even grander perspective of the reality of the heart. Where I have let go of fears that were unknowingly preventing me from further expansion of my heart. As my heart has always done, seemingly mercilessly but always lovingly, her sole intentions being that of my own good, she then gave me the next thing to do so as to break down this barrier preventing further growth and thus, causing a near explosion of expansion from it, simply because I am submissive to my heart and will do as she asks, even if it is somewhere I am afraid to go.

She never just asks me to do something. She also guides me through it. Showing me how to do it. Again, she is me yet I am nothing but a mere child to her. This is what is strange. Strange in a good way.

What’s really interesting is when I see a quote from a so called master of thought and life whose thoughts many people take as their guide through this life. Someone who supposedly experienced enlightenment. After reading it, I see it as simple and nearly insignificant to where I am today. Just another thought by just another person from the perspective of which they once lived within.

Does this mean that I have attained enlightenment or that I’ve become very arrogant?

I’m talking about Buddha who supposedly said, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

It’s funny but this means absolutely nothing to me right now.

I certainly don’t feel like I’ve attained enlightenment nor do I feel arrogant. I simply feel free. Free within myself.

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