Life is filled with new realizations. I guess for those who choose to perceive life in one way, fighting each day to prove their perception as being the “right” perception, they might not have many new realizations.

I can say that one thing I gained from a life of philosophy is the ability to change perspectives. Why would I want to perceive a valley below from one mountain peak when I can move from peak to peak around the valley and see it from different perspectives? For me, seeing the valley from only one perspective would be boring.

The one thing this journey has given me is many realizations. It has been filled with perspective shifts. In fact, I would have never been able to go on this journey had I not had the ability to shift perspectives.

Today I had an interesting realization. In many ways, it coincided with the realizations I have over the past week. It was simply a confirmation of those realizations.

I really don’t care for reality TV shows. One day I was looking at the guide on the TV and saw that one channel has the Kardashians on show after show all day long. I think I watched maybe 15 minutes of one of their shows and didn’t find it all that appealing. I have no desire to watch people of status live their lives. I wondered, “Who actually watches this stuff?”

Today I was sitting in the lunchroom at work. Usually I just sit, eat, drink my coffee and play a simple game on my phone that I play everyday. There is a huge TV in the lunchroom. It is usually on to something. On the weekends it has American football on. During the week it varies. I don’t pay much attention to it but I do look up at it occasionally.

When I looked up today I saw a bunch of women arguing and doing other things. I could tell it was a reality show of some kind. Again I wondered, “Who watches this stuff?”

Well, I quickly found out. There is a long strand of tables that passes through the middle of the lunchroom. There sat about 10 women, all gibber jabbing away. I noticed they were eating and watching the TV. Soon I knew what the show was from their conversation. Real Housewives of New Jersey.

What really got me was that they knew the names of the women. Then I heard them relating their own lives to the shows. One woman said as a group of people argued in the kitchen on TV, “That is exactly what it is like with my family. They are always arguing and yelling at each other.”

Another woman said at a different point in the show, “My sister is just like that when that happens.”

Again I looked up at the TV and I couldn’t relate to anything happening in the show, though I could recall moments within my own family that might be similar. The arguing and fighting was similar. They didn’t get into fist fights like my family, but maybe they do in another show. This is one of the main reasons I haven’t seen any of my family for many years.

Again I thought of my question, “I wonder who watches this stuff?” As I watched people passing through the lunchroom, stopping and commenting on the show as if they watched it regularly, I then thought, “It isn’t about how watches this stuff. It seems everyone watches this stuff. It is me who doesn’t watch this stuff. I am the minority here.”

I went back to playing my game with a smile on my face that sort of reminded me of the smile on Rory’s face in the episode of Gilmore Girls where she is sitting in class after the teacher had given them the assignment for the day. The girls around her began talking and painting their nails as she focused on her notebook, writing intensely. One of the girls asked another, “What is she doing? Writing a love letter?” Another girl looked over to see what she was doing. “It’s the assignment.” she said with an air of disgust. Rory smiled and continued working on the assignment.

She was in her own world doing what she enjoyed. In my opinion, a good role model on a TV show. That is what TV has become. Not so much entertainment but to impose upon impressionable people how they should be living and what is acceptable living, even of that way of living they are expressing, isn’t always of any good use. In some ways, like with the reality show I watched today while listening to those watching it.

It allows them to accept their lives as being good lives, even the things that really aren’t all that good in their lives. It allows them to relate their own lives to the lives of those with money and status and, in a way, the reality show lets them feel like they are hanging out with people of money and status. Something that seems important to many people.

As for me, it merely confirmed that I am not of this world. I live in another world with another perspective. One that no longer needs validation or approval from others for me to live within it. Instead, I can just smile and accept those living within the world as I go about my own business, doing the assignments that my heart has given me, enjoying being who I am as I am with the love of my heart to fill my every desire.

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