Why I Write

Why do I write? I’m not out to change the world with my words. I’m not out to make money with my words. I really don’t expect much of anything from my words. So, why do it?

As I’ve said before, writing brings the things I am experiencing within myself to life. It gives these things depths and perspective. I’ve also found out recently that through writing, by bringing these things alive, it causes what I am experiencing within myself to be placed in a different file of memory within my mind.

I often find myself looking back at past things I’ve written to find answers to questions I might have today. Such as, “What happened to the choice of humanity?”

Well, I’ve written that the physical body is a machine, including the brain. Long ago in my journey I wrote about how humans came to be humans from their previously primal hominid form. In the physical world, the physical world of the physical universe, humans are not the only consciously aware beings.

The only way that these other beings could use the previously primal hominids that we were for their own purposes was to give them conscious awareness which, in turn, gives them choice. They then went to work, which one can see throughout the history of humanity, to control this choice so that human choice was used for their purposes. In a sense, they exploited human choice for their use.

It all goes back to the carrot that they hang in front of humans to keep them going in the direction they want them to go. They are using the human brain, the machine, so as to maintain order among the humans so that the humans will work toward their goals. All the while, humans have choice and one of those choices is their desire for freedom. Yet, they don’t actually understand that freedom, what it really means. Even this has been redefined for humans for the use of these other beings. This is the feeling that humans often have about a large, well organized conspiracy theory. It is why humans are constantly looking for other things. Other answers to their existence.

All the while, they are still performing the tasks that fulfill the purposes of these beings. This carrot is used in many places. It has become common in human interactions. Such as going to a job interview where they say that there is room for growth, promotion and making more money. Yet, only a select few actually get these things even though a person works as hard as they can and their attendance is near perfect.

On a larger scale, the carrot is things like the “American Dream,” again, something that only a few actually attain and it is not always attained simply by hard work. Even if one attains the “American Dream” they can’t always maintain it. There are other forces, like economic collapses, that come into play to balance the number of people who actually have the “American Dream.” Humans come to live in an up and down life where nothing is stable in their lives. They have to constantly rebuild their lives. Such as how, after a flood or other natural disaster, where the homes of people are destroyed, they have to rebuild their lives again.

This “lives” are based on a system that they did not create for themselves but one that they were born into and expected to adhere to else they will not be rewarded with any of the carrots that they have been promised by society. They humans within such a society accept this as reality. They begin to call it “life.” From this life of uncertainty came quotes like, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

From this, this imposing of the idea of competition to attain all the desires that have been taught to humans as being important to their lives. These individual desires that separate them from each other and the entirety of the whole, causing them to judge others harshly so as to feel superior over them and keep others down so as to allow them to get a leg up on the competition basically became the way of life for humans, yet taking different forms from society to society. Each society competing with the others, often resulting in wars to further destabilize the lives of humans.

All of this to maintain order, not for humans, but for those who injected conscious awareness into them, thus giving them choice. Much time, effort and resources have been put into maintaining human choice. In modern times, it has become one of the primary focuses, even more than that of attaining wealth because attaining wealth requires maintaining and using the human choice.

Then, we go back to another things I wrote awhile ago about the fail safe that is within humans, the physical humans, that goes back to their hominid form. In most cases within the physical world there are population controls for each being, from predator to prey. When there is balance the predators maintain the population of the prey and climate conditions maintain the whole of the beings. When there are harsh conditions within the environment then there is reduction in prey, which means there is a reduction in predators. All of these physical beings work within a well maintained established order that is based on the the whole in physical form.

With humans in their current state of conscious awareness, there are no population controls. They are the dominant species with no predators. Predators actually avoid them the best they can, except in certain circumstances. With this, the whole implanted a fail safe for any being that cannot be maintained within the balance of the physical world. They will reduce themselves.

This action becomes what seems to be a cycle, for this conscious awareness is not an enemy or rebellion to the whole, though it seems to be. It is merely another way for the universal consciousness to observe and experience itself. A more detailed way. Where the same conscious awareness of the universe is experienced in a smaller scale. It is also not so much an “evil” what these other beings are doing with humanity in using them for their objectives. They merely expanded this conscious awareness into the hominids that we once were and, though it seems like a mean trick to use humans in such a way, it still allows expansion of the heart, the universal consciousness through expanding it’s perspective of itself.

The reason it is painful for humans is because they, in a primal way, see themselves as separate from the whole, which is sort of a side effect of their choice being used for the purposes of others. Throughout history we can see many people desiring the end. Waiting for the end of this human existence so that they can experience an existence that is seemingly more “fair.”

It also goes into the confusion within humanity throughout history over their worship of deities. These deities are actually these other beings. When the concept of the one “god” came into play, which was brought in to destroy this belief in these beings as being their deities and begin to see life as the whole, it was actually an opportunity for humans to expand their perspective into see the workings of the whole, rather than their own individual existence.

Yet, this concept was also intercepted and used against them. When teachers, such as Jesus, came along, who refined this concept into understanding human existence on a grander scale, the message of controlled and contained and again used to maintain order and control of humans rather than to free them as it was originally intended.

In this modern world, people dedicate their lives to attaining the carrot of comfort and security within, what has been taught to them, as being a life of constant uncertainty, other than death and taxes. They live in fear. Through this fear they work even harder to find some sense of control within this illusion of uncertainty, hoping to one day feel some sense of comfort and security, which never truly comes. Though it motivates them to continue the objectives of those who seek to maintain order and control over human choice.

In a sense, even though it is not in the literal sense as it once was in the past, modern humans still dedicate their lives, worshiping even deeper the gods and goddesses who are, in a sense, their creators. Not creators of their physical lives but the creators who gave them conscious awareness. All of this even though many of them believe in one “god.”

This is that complexity that seems like hypocrisy within those who believe in one “god.” Often this is because they really don’t understand this one “god.” What this one “god” actually is and how it relates to their lives. If they did, then their choice would be returned to them and they would willingly give this choice over to their one “god” or the whole of the universal consciousness, thus freeing them from the bondage that they now endure.

Basically there are these two and even three realities all playing over one another. Much like playing three songs over the top of each other to where one can’t really discern one from the others. Instead it is one song where one can’t actually hear the words of one song but instead a sort of gibberish of blended messages, causing a sense of insecurity and confusion. It is not until one can isolate each song and hear the melody and words of each song that they can understand the interrelation and even conflicts between each song.

It is fascinating and even the understanding of this doesn’t change a thing other than freeing the one who is given this opportunity to observe life in such a way. For me, I can often get caught up on one song, especially when it begins to expand my perspective in many ways, forgetting the other songs. Thus, it seems I become confused. It is not until I come back, back to what I’ve written before about realizations that my heart has given to me about each song individually, that allows me to see these interconnection. Thus, the reason why I write.

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