Onward Into The Dream

I’ve experienced many things within this journey with my heart. As I can see today, each part of the journey related to different realities of which we all live within. These realities play or overlay each other unless one is able to isolate these realities, then they can see how each of these realities interrelate with each other.

It is interesting how this journey has played up much like a class in college. It began at one side of the spectrum and it continues through the various aspects of the spectrum, defining each aspects as we go along.

I can’t say that what I am seeing now is as simple as it seems to be but I can’t help but take it all and place it into simple terms.

There are three realities, which I enjoy calling songs. Each with their own melody and sound. For most people, all three songs are playing over each other. This seems to define something I’ve often come across in this life and defined as noise. This life always seemed to be so noisy and chaotic. Not so much a physical noise but more like a feeling. A feeling that is more like a screeching. The feeling is also much like high pressure. One can’t help but see that most in life are living in what seems to be under high pressure.

When the songs are isolated, it is possible to see the actual workings within each song. One can focus solely on one song, which has seemingly infinite new adventures within them. Well, I’ve been known to do this. I am one who can get so focused, such as seeing a red balloon floating about within one of the songs and wandering off to watching the red balloon floating about on the breeze. Then suddenly looking around and thinking, “Where am I?” Well, I’ve usually not far from where I need to be but I do chase after shiny objects and red balloons at times. It’s all part of the adventure.

As I’ve noticed, once the songs are isolated, they can be played simultaneously yet separately. By doing this one sees that they are not individual songs but yet they interconnect with the other songs. They relate to each other while still maintaining their own melody and sound, affecting the melody and sound of the others yet not changing them overall.

It’s when they are played simultaneously and observed as such that there is peace. All is in their rightful place. Each song connecting to the other fills in all the blank spaces that one would experience if listening to all three overlaying each other or simply listening to one song on it’s own. This is how they all interrelate with each other, completing each other.

Within all of this, there are certain things that one needs to have in their lives to maintain this simultaneous playing of the songs. One of these things is to have no judgment, not only of other people but of the other realities or worlds. There has to be an open relationship with all of them and allowing them to all express themselves freely. Within this one receives the experience of feeling the flow of all of them passing through and around them. Basically, this is love. Becoming the flow of love through the choice of not expecting or judging life to be something that it isn’t. Accepting life as it is not wanting it to be something it isn’t based on individual desires.

In this place or state of being, one becomes both separate from the individual songs yet unified with the whole of all three songs. If one chooses either by choice or ignorance, to accept only one song as reality they then perceive life based on the limited perspective of that song. There is no completion. There are always empty spaces. Thus causing them to be in a continuous state of longing or desire for something that they are lacking. Always seeking but rarely finding, until they become aware of the other realities which complete the entirety of the whole, removing desire for something lacking while also completing the perspective.

To understand this one has to follow a few red balloons or chase after a few shiny objects within each individual song. Then to come back and realize that all songs are really one song yet they all express a different aspect of the one song, therefore giving them that individual aspect while each individual aspect expressing the one song or whole. Once you see all the songs playing simultaneously while interacting with each other as one, it is a truly beautiful experience. Also, at least for me, it brings about a beautiful state of peace. It is nothing more than observing harmony on a grand scale as well is in the micro scale.

Basically, this is the very reason for our own existence. It is why, no matter what someone might think their are other aspects to their lives that give them meaning and reason for their existence, that they find always a sense of longing. A need for greater completion.

Here is where my heart says to me, “From here you can now go on about living your life.” It does seem sort of anticlimactic but it really isn’t. This is the place my heart has worked to get me to throughout this entire journey. Not to end the journey but to give me life. Life, at least for me, is not about seeking, hungering and longing, as many state that life is best lived within these states. Life is about being a peace that comes from this completion. A completion that some seek from others, possibly through finding a mate or someone who they believe will complete them. I’m not sure if that type of completion actually exists. Possibly because that sort of limited completion wouldn’t satisfy the depth of the longing I had to endure throughout my life.

It might seem anticlimactic simply because we are programmed and taught to think of great “accomplishments” as being something that catapults someone to a status of greatness. Where, in the reality of the whole, there is nothing greater than another for there is no “another.” There is only completeness.

Well, if all I need do now is go on and live life, actually this seems like another dream come true. In fact, I already see possible paths opening to living my life. Paths that weren’t previously there, at least within my scope of view at the time. It was interesting how it came while searching for another thing completely.

To be able to go out and eat, drink, converse, commune with life as it is without seeking or longing to change or rearrange anything to fit some desire within me that I might believe would complete me in some way. Simply enjoy the expression of life without feelings of objection, offense, or any feeling of responsibility on my part to affect it in any way. To live a nearly completely passive life while, at the same time, playing my part in the expression of the whole.

It does seem like a wonderful opportunity. One that I would be a fool to refuse. I mean, to actually live life without all the unnecessary complications of feeling separate and alone in life to living a life as and within the whole. Not as some grand spiritual guru or even as a man of wisdom believing that I need to advise others in their lives. In fact, as I can see it from here, it would all be quite the opposite. As I’ve noticed in life, most people don’t listen to me or regard my opinion as being of any real value. Yet, they seem to value me for listening to them. Not all but some. It would be such a peaceful life with no obligations except that which is the desires of the whole, as well as those things that appease the beings that rule this planet within the physical realm, the use of the body for their objectives through working and being subjected to their laws and controls over the physical body. The third reality or song.

It is nice to watch it snow and simply experience the moment within the snow. To walk beneath the sun simply enjoying it’s warmth. Talking with another expecting nothing but for them to express themselves as they are. Well, these are some of the many adventures to come within this journey with my heart. Things that my heart will prepare me for and guide me to. This is one aspect of the journey I’ve noticed as changed. My heart has been revealing the process or objectives of the journey before my actual experiencing it. Not so much in detail but more like an outline. She then fills it all in as I walk within it yet I have some minute foreknowledge which seems to be part of the preparation process.

Onward into the further realization of the dream. The living of life as it was always meant to be.

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